because creativity needs room to roam


noun: outlet; plural noun: outlets

3. a means of expressing one's talents, energy, or emotions. "writing became the main outlet for his energies"
means of expression, (means of) release, vent, avenue, channel "an outlet for their creative energies"

We all have outlets that provide us the opportunity to be creative, relax, de-stress, or energize our thinking. These outlets allow us to engage and be in the moment. They can refresh us, excite us, and help us clarify our thoughts. Unfortunately, we often neglect our outlets- sometimes even forgetting them and the role they play in our lives. I began making this outlet series after a creative dry spell. I realized how valuable the process of making and creating was to me and how I'd pushed it aside to take care of the often overwhelming everyday. I asked my Facebook friends to tell me what outlets they stopped tending to when they got too busy. The themes of the Outlets in this series came from the responses to that post. 

A peak into the carpentry outlet.
A peak into the carpentry outlet.